Changing the World – One Organization at a Time®

What does it mean in a nutshell?

Our business is about transformation – facilitating behavioural change towards increased personal, team and organisational effectiveness.

At the individual level, Human Synergistics transforms how people interact with others and approach their work. At the organisational level, we transform the context people work within.

Through a combination of world class consulting ability and the use of our internationally recognised development tools, we help individuals and organisations measure and improve their leadership style and culture in order to increase organisational performance.

Our mission: Changing the World—One Organization at a Time®

Human Synergistics is all about change – transforming the way individuals, groups and organisations think and behave.

So what’s behind our mission statement?

Human Synergistics’ research clearly shows that:

  • There are certain ways of thinking and behaving that enhance performance at the individual, group and organisational levels. These can be measured and they can be learned. We call these Constructive behaviours.
  • There are certain other behaviours that inhibit performance at the individual, group and organisational levels. These can be measured and they can be changed. We call these Passive/Defensive and Aggressive/Defensive behaviours.
  • Many organisations and the managers and leaders within them unwittingly promote, encourage and reward behaviours (defensive) that are not associated with effectiveness.
  • Many of the practices that organisations use (structures, systems, technologies) cause people to behave in ways that do not support high performance (culture). These often reward the very defensive behaviours the organisation is attempting to change.
  • Many leaders simply do not understand the impact they have on those they lead, and often this impact reinforces defensive thinking and behaviour in others.
  • When individuals, managers, leaders, groups and organisations genuinely adopt constructive behaviours and make them part of their culture, the organisation's effectiveness will improve resulting in greater performance over the long term.

We want to help individuals, managers, leaders and organisations change

We also know that within constructive organisational cultures, with constructive managers and leaders, people report greater satisfaction with their work and personal lives, more motivation, less stress, better teamwork, greater organisational adaptability and a stronger sense of feeling that their effort counts.

We can help people love their work and help organisations achieve sustainable performance.

So if we can help enough people and enough organisations change the way they think and behave, we think we can change the world – the way we work, the way we live.


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    Accreditation is our approach to building a network of organisational development professionals that support the realisation of the Human Synergistics® vision of creating large-scale transformations.

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